I’m old enough to remember when the fairytale romance of Charles & Diana was announced. The Women’s Weekly (which I think was still published weekly at the time) had a special edition and so did The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror. The broadsheet newspapers covered the story in passing because they were a bit more serious back then as did the ABC News.

Now cast your mind back to yesterday when the ‘fairytale’ romance of Wills & Kate was formalised with an engagement announcement. The Women’s Weekly (now published monthly but for obvious reasons not called the ‘Women’s Monthly’) no doubt went into meltdown and the tabloid newspapers (now with a much large online focus) had a field day. Not much has changed really.

The really disappointing part is that for the majority of media there is a total focus on how ‘lucky’ Kate Middleton is to snare her man just as there was that focus so many years ago. Have we not moved forward at all?

Lucky Kate Middleton with her Prince Charming?


Young women all around the world are looking at Kate Middleton as some sort of role model ie. marry well and you can sit on your arse for the rest of your life wearing nice clothes, breeding pretty children and attending charity events. What sort of life is that? And that’s assuming she stays married to him – the track record for the British royals is not great.

There is one exception that I came across on smh.com.au today which actually discussed this very topic. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/people/despite-the-frills-its-no-fairytale-for-windsor-women-20101117-17xp5.html#comments

I suppose that’s where the change in media has changed. There’s a bit more opinion being expressed that would have been the case 30 years ago. Journalists seem more able to express their views without being branded spoiled sports.