It looks as though the DRPR blog has earned itself some kudos as a result of our personable blog voice.

Whilst we like to keep our blog posts informative and topical, we never cull any of the personality behind the team’s contributions. As a result, the DRPR blog has received a nice bit of recognition from Paul Roberts.

Top 33 communications blogs of 2011Paul is a 15-year PR veteran with a combo of agency and corporate experience and a well known name within the industry. He formulated a list of the top 33 blogs of 2011 and who do you think got a place on this golden list of blogs?

Here’s what Paul had to say…

“… This is another good one that breaks the mold of dull personality-free group blogs. There are a number of good posts on DRPR’s blog, but one that garnered a bit of attention recently was the Marketing vs PR, What’s the Difference post. It’s a good read.”

Check out Paul Robert’s blog:

Looks like DRPR is having a good start to 2011!