As an avid cyclist and user of Sydney’s cycle ways I was excited to attend the WOOP! Rolling Festival on the weekend. WOOP! Rolling Festival celebrated the newly finished Bourke Street cycle way which runs from Waterloo to Woolloomooloo.

The amazing thing about this event is that it was started through Facebook. Jackie Lau co-founded a Facebook group called I love Sydney Bike Lanes & Cycle Ways in response to a campaign by Alan Jones against the City of Sydney council’s new bike paths. Through this group, she organised and promoted WOOP! Rolling Festival by creating a Facebook event.

The Facebook group now has almost 5,000 fans (starting with a target of 3,000 + to beat the anti-cycleway petition) and it was estimated that several thousand cyclists turned up to the festival.

The case study is a great example of the power of social media. If you find a subject that people are passionate about, it can very quickly go viral and attract people who want to support your cause.

Thousands of bike lovers attend Facebook campaign

The story was picked up by mainstream media with at least the 7PM Project and Central Magazine running stories prior to promote the event.

It was great to be part of something which definitely achieved I love Sydney Bike Lanes & Cycle Ways’ mission: “This is a movement to show the shock jocks, the taxi drivers and hoons that the people of Sydney love cycle ways and all the benefits they will bring to this great city!”

Do you know of any other successful campaigns which have started through social media?