Many people are turning to the internet these days to get advice on products and services to try, restaurants to eat at etc – statistics actually show that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations (as apposed to 14% who trust advertisements).

Bloggers are people too - how do you engage with them?

It is therefore highly important when putting together a PR program to include blogger relations. However, it is not as simple as adding them to your media list and sending out a media release every now and then, you need to really engage with them and understand what is of interest to them.

If you haven’t dealt with bloggers before and want to know the best way to go about it have a read of Styling You’s post on ‘10 top tips for PRs wanting to work with bloggers.’

I would just like to add a few more tips here.

Firstly, if a blogger blogs about your service or product make sure you spread the word about it, for example through your Twitter and/or Facebook account(s). This will be beneficial to both you (through third party endorsement) and the blogger (as you are driving more traffic to their blog) and will increase the commenter rate.

Which leads me onto my next point, make sure you regularly check the blog post and answer any questions asked by readers or respond to any comments. When commenting though, make sure you are honest and transparent about who you are!

Do you have experience working with bloggers? Do you have any tips to add?