A story appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph on June 8, 2011 that I thought I would never see in my lifetime. What’s more it was published in a mass circulation popular tabloid.

It was headed ‘Will PR make you money?’ and described that PR has one of the highest ROIs and often generates greater returns than advertising. Funny about that, because it is what I have been saying for years.

“Factor into your decision making that PR is the only form of marketing to positively affect other forms of marketing.

“When news coverage about a brand is positive and prominent, every other form of marketing has been shown to be more effective, thus creating a beneficial ripple effect”.

The story goes on to say that its worth looking beyond the monetary ROI to other benefits it can bring, such as the opportunity to tell your story, achieve unparalleled credibility and gain the involvement and loyalty of customers.

I would be interested to learn of the experience of others in tracking PR results?

- Dennis Rutzou