Like most jobs public relations has more than its share of frustrations, but there is one that hits me quite often that may be different from what you imagine.

My most regular PR frustration comes from when I come across a company that has a great story to tell and not only doesn’t recognise that fact, but has dug a hole for themselves and that’s where they are sitting come what may.

Sometimes the clue about their potential comes from the website, which is usually an absolute mess. Usually very confusing and out of date.

A recent example is a new business lead I got from one of the suppliers to a major company with branches all over Australia and internationally. They appear to be doing quite well and despite the website confusion the products appear to be well made and well priced.

They do not use PR and we could do a great job for them in so many ways, but so far despite many phone calls and messages I have been unable to get the boss on the phone. The staff jokes when I call now and leave a message. “You’ll be lucky, they say. “He never returns phone calls”.

Just how can you run a business and never return phone calls?

Clearly he is as busy as a one-armed paper hanger, but he appears to be a classic case of working in his business, not on his business, which will mean that the business will most likely never reach its potential. Or maybe a heart attack will get there first.

So what’s your job top frustrations?

-Dennis Rutzou