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Cup half full

The optimistic view – is the glass half full, full or overflowing?


I admit that I am an optimist and that the description of the glass half, full or overflowing probably puts me in the super-optimist category. There is no half-full, cracked, leaking glass in my lexicon. It is both my strength and weakness.

But I am not a maniac about it. On my annual visit to the Gulgong Cup I am a conservative $10 punter (compared to my wife who is a $1 each-way punter), as I recognise that the mathematics will not go my way in the horse racing business. However I did win $1500 on a $20 trifecta at Port More >

Social media statistics

Social media statistics November 2011

Heading in to the final throes of 2011 we are taking some time to reassess where Australia is at in terms of social media.

What platforms have grown, what sort of user numbers are we dealing with and how can we utilise these results to be more effective in our social media campaigns?

A great resource for all stats social media related is an Australian website, We have pinched the latest numbers from their November 2011 report.

Social media statistics Australia – November 2011 * Figures represent users/visitors to the sites per month

1. Facebook – 10,659,580 users, 13 million visitors 2. Youtube – More >