I admit that I am an optimist and that the description of the glass half, full or overflowing probably puts me in the super-optimist category. There is no half-full, cracked, leaking glass in my lexicon. It is both my strength and weakness.

But I am not a maniac about it. On my annual visit to the Gulgong Cup I am a conservative $10 punter (compared to my wife who is a $1 each-way punter), as I recognise that the mathematics will not go my way in the horse racing business. However I did win $1500 on a $20 trifecta at Port Lincoln a few years ago, but that is another story.

I hate negative thinkers although rationally (when the hatred dies and reason kicks in) I recognise that they are the balance to my super optimism. Ok, I reluctantly agree, that we need a mixture of both in a business.

These thoughts came to the fore at our annual DRPR off-site conference a few weeks ago when Nicola Rutzou did a great presentation based on a detailed questionnaire we had completed a few days before to classify our psychological type.

(I have done a few before, as I suspect most PR people have, as we find that we are presenting to and trying to get decisions from management people who are vastly different to us in psychological typing and have different goals and dare I say it, KPIs, as well as more importantly ROIs).

Nicola’s questionnaire revealed that the majority of us were very similar and that clearly we fitted into the gregarious, fun loving, creative, party-going, PR people that everyone associates with our profession.

But one of the team had quite different characteristics. Not vastly different, but different from the rest.

To which the outside expert who helped us in the questionnaire and analysis said: “Is she the glue that holds the rest of you together”.

I think she is.

Let me know how your team works, and if there is a glue that holds the team together? If not, maybe you need to borrow ours to show you how it works?

- Dennis Rutzou