The prospect of being interviewed by a journalist can be quite stressful as we want to make the right impression and avoid a really embarrassing comment.

Our PR Mentor, Kim Larochelle, will be running next Wednesday, 8 February, a webinar on ‘Generate media coverage for your business’, covering all aspects of media relations including the rules of media engagement, how to liaise with journalists, what makes news and how to write a media release and a pitch.

There's no need for 'no comment' with our 5 tips

Until this webinar, here are five simple media interview tips to take onboard for your next moment of glory:

Off the record’
Only discuss topics which you would be happy to see included in an article. ‘Off the record’ comments are not always treated as such.

Stick to the point
It’s really useful to prepare three or four main points you wish to communicate during the interview and do your best to use every opportunity to get your message across. Sticking to the point also means providing short, sharp and complete answers without digressing.

Make your media interview interesting and relevant
Using real stories and examples makes your message more memorable and helps cut through the clutter. When you have facts to back yourself up, you will come across as more authoritative. Industry statistics can also help to give more impact to your interview.

Have something to say
If there are controversial issues in your area of expertise, work out where you stand and what you should say. Don’t be afraid to take a position, better that than saying ‘no comment’.

Be enthusiastic
You need to be slightly more animated and larger than life. Pep up your delivery so that it is bright and enthusiastic, rather than dull and low-key.

By Kim Larochelle, PR Mentor

You can find Kim on LinkedIn and Twitter