It’s no secret that one of the most detested words by journalists these days is…drum roll please…‘innovation’!


Now, this is a shame for many reasons, but justified by even more.

As a PR person I appreciate how easy it is to slip the term ‘innovators’ or ‘innovation’ into a media release or when developing key messages for your new, exciting and undeniably innovative new client. But the problem is, the word innovation gets lumped in the same ‘claim to fame’ categories as ‘world first’ and ‘industry leader’. Journalists and readers have become desensitised to these words.

So even if your business genuinely is an industry leader, or claiming a world first, the meaning is lost if you naively assume you can use those exact words to tell people about it.

How then, do you convey your business as an industry leader and an innovator? What we need here is a bit of innovation!

A motto we often refer to in the DRPR office is to ‘show not tell’. One idea would be that rather than sending out a generic media release sprouting ‘world firsts’ and ‘innovation’, why not show the results and successes of your business in an innovative way?

Now, there’s no formula for this type of creativity, so you will need to use your own intuition and powers of creativity to work out a unique approach.

If you are interested in getting some ideas about creativity in the workplace, our very own Kim Larochelle has written a blog this week that gives some great tips to get the creative juices flowing.

- Gill Asbury