We’re a small agency, a ‘boutique firm’ as some like to say, which means that typically we have close relationships with our clients, usually speaking to them on a daily basis via email and phone.

These types of close knit relationships can be rewarding and challenging for many different reasons, but when it works it works. A strong client relationship built on trust and mutual respect is what can turn a PR program from good to great!

I thought it might be a bit of fun to put together a list of what makes the ‘perfect client’. But more than just a dream list, I think it helps to identify and have top of mind what sort of client you actually want to work for when foraging for new business and pursuing leads. This critical approach to new business applies to most service industries and I think it can result in long term and mutually beneficial relationships.

The search for the perfect client

 The perfect client will:

  1. Understand the value of PR (or your service)
  2. Appreciate your skills as a communicator (or expert in your field)
  3. Respect your professional opinion
  4. Ask questions, but more often than not follow your advice
  5. Keep you in the loop of all important happenings within the company
  6. Integrate you into their team
  7. Be open and communicative, not just when things are going well
  8. Celebrate the wins with you

 Of course there is a list for the perfect PR agency…but we’ll leave that for another time.

-Gill Asbury