I was at the gym the other morning and I thought that the gym (i.e. health and fitness) and PR have a lot in common and it is a point that many people get wrong.

Perhaps it was a reaction on my part to a rather boring and mind numbing exercise, but both PR and the gym require discipline and regularity.

Discipline and repetition are key to gym and PR success

Sure I know that there are many people that only go to the gym in preparation for an event like a fun run or to firm up before the summer beach season, but in terms of health and fitness you have to go on a regular basis like twice or three times a week, as well as some jogging and walking.

Public relations requires the same discipline. It is not something that you can start and then say I’ve done that PR thing, I’ll now do something else.

A definition of public relations that I quite like is that public relations is the management discipline of communication. In fact, I like it so much that it is on the back of our business cards.


PR requires repetition to be effective because that is how we remember things and it is important that the messages are created in accordance with the needs of the specific target audience.

You won’t remain fit and healthy if you go to the gym for a few months and then forget it, so if you want the communication function of your business to be effective remember that your public relations is an ongoing discipline.   

- Dennis Rutzou