Being a fan of rock music I decided to read a copy of “Bumping into Geniuses” by Danny Goldberg, who is a former music PR professional and high profile music industry executive.

Whilst reading the autobiography it occurred to me that this book could be considered an incredibly useful manual for PR professionals and especially those looking for a career in music PR.

Bumping into geniuses: A PR must read


Here are my top 5 PR tips I picked up from the book that you might find beneficial:

1. There is a limit to the amount of favours you can get, but there is no limit to the amount of good stories you can pitch

In other words, PR schmoozing will only get you so far, in order to achieve any kind of real PR success, it must be the result of talent and hard work pitching quality stories.

2. More calls are better than fewer calls

Picking up the phone to follow up an email pitch is imperative when attempting to maximise media coverage. Journalists are often very busy people and may need a little prodding, persuasion and most importantly persistence to get the story over the line.

3. Write every press release with the assumption that most people will only read the first paragraph. Write the first paragraph as if the person will only read the first sentence

There’s no point in leaving the most important points you have to say to the very end, if the beginning of your story has no engagement or real interest to the reader.

4. When you want to get rid of bad publicity, create an alternative narrative

It’s easier to create a new story for the media to talk about then to try to forcefully change their opinions and risk fuelling more negative publicity.

5. Profile pieces are not puff pieces

Never get complacent once you’ve secured an interview. Just because a journalist wants to speak to your client does not mean that they will write a glowing review of the person or company or will feel obligated to write nice things about them.

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