According to a recent survey by The Remarkables Group, 35 percent of people will purchase products recommended to them via a blog and only 4 percent will ignore sponsored content.

These results no doubt demonstrate the power and influence of bloggers and their value to brands.

Like journalists, there is a specific way in which you need to approach a blogger if you want to reach their audiences and be successful with your pitches.

Here are my top five tips for email pitching that I have picked up along the way from my experience in blogger relations:

Make the subject line clear

If you would like the blogger to consider a sampling opportunity makes this known in your subject line. Vague or generic sounding terms do not grab attention and will mostly like lead to email deletion before they’ve read what you have to say.

Know the blog you’re pitching to

This seems simple enough, but it’s still a common mistake.

If you don’t have a read through the blog and get an understanding of their audience before pitching to them, you might not realise that their readers are not the right fit for your product or brand or that they do not accept sponsored posts or products to trial. Thus, reading a blog beforehand to discover this information saves a lot of time in sending products and emails to the wrong people.

Be concise

Provide enough information that will leave your blogger wanting more. Where appropriate, include dot points to make your messages clear. Don’t overload your email with unnecessary information about your company. Rather than being pushy, you can direct the blogger instead to a link to your company website to find out more information.

Be specific

There’s no point sending an email that heaps glorious praise on a blogger if they fail to understand your intentions in contacting them and the benefits of developing a relationship with you.

Be clear and upfront in your motives for contacting them and forming a partnership, the blogger will value your transparency.

This means making suggestions for how you can work together. I.e. if you are interested in offering your product to be trialled, reviewed or used as a giveaway, make it clear!

Tailor your pitch

Sending a blogger a generic email asking them to trial your products, without any prior research will rarely work on its own. Make sure your pitch is specific and personal; you need to show the blogger that you know their audience well and thus tailor your pitch to leverage your knowledge.

As a guide, it’s best to start your email pitches with praise or a comment about a past post that is relevant to your brand whilst offering something of value to their readers.