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Let’s look forward to a great 2013

I attended a business women’s lunch about a month ago and was totally aghast when one woman declared that her company (a legal firm) was in the process of planning for a terrible 2013. They had apparently predicted that 2013 was going to be a shocker and so all their planning needed to focus on ‘gloom and doom’.

I was appalled. In all the training I’ve ever done on business planning I’ve always focused on the positives. I don’t mean that I view the world through ‘rose coloured glasses’. In fact I’m also a realist but I do think you have to focus More >

Educating and communicating key messages

My Public Relations skill set will serve me well

After six years in Public Relations, I have sadly decided to leave the industry that has taught me so much, in pursuit of a completely different career path… but one that I have come to realise, actually requires an almost identical skill set. What could it be?

Educating and communicating key messages

  • Communication is paramount
  • Flexibility in terms of language, tone and medium of communication used
  • Educating and communicating key messages to the public
  • Understanding the industry and audience you are working with and adapting your approach accordingly
  • Creative communication techniques to increase engagement and understanding
  • Patience. Set the foundations and the results will follow in time
  • Strategy More >