I attended a business women’s lunch about a month ago and was totally aghast when one woman declared that her company (a legal firm) was in the process of planning for a terrible 2013. They had apparently predicted that 2013 was going to be a shocker and so all their planning needed to focus on ‘gloom and doom’.

I was appalled. In all the training I’ve ever done on business planning I’ve always focused on the positives. I don’t mean that I view the world through ‘rose coloured glasses’. In fact I’m also a realist but I do think you have to focus on the potential positives. I was also surprised because she’s a lawyer who specialises in corporate work and I would have thought that if every one else is doing badly, then she should be thriving.

I believe that if we all think about our future a bit more positively then everyone will be better off. We also have to stop playing the blame game and accept that we are in charge of our own destinies. Sure the economy has an effect but it doesn’t completely control your income or your ability to grow your business. Take the Australian retail market for example, media commentary constantly blames others for the change in retail spending. What we really need to do is accept the current economic situation as the new ‘normal’ and adapt accordingly.

I for one am going to have a great 2013. The future couldn’t look brighter as far as I’m concerned.

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year break.

Here’s to terrific 2013.

Nicola Rutzou