Elyse Malloy

Elyse Malloy

One of the key reasons I was interested in PR as a career is that I love a good story. PR allows you to not just tell stories, but be able to identify the best ones and show them to other people.

My story in PR so far starts at the University of Notre Dame where I completed a double degree in Marketing and PR/Communications, ventures into a plot about working in-house for a digital media company and then takes a different direction to that of a narrative about agency life, where I spread my wings at DRPR.

Many of you reading this may have never heard of a man named Danny Goldberg. But I think he is an important figure to remember in the world of PR as he was a great story teller and is particularly inspiring to me because of my love for music, especially rock ‘n’ roll.

In 1973 and at just 22, Danny Goldberg was fresh to the PR profession, but was given the huge responsibility of managing the PR for Led Zeppelin when his PR firm was hired by the band to improve its poor image.

Taking on a client that was well known for wild antics, as well as having a tense relationship with the media would have been a real test for any person, let alone for someone so early in their career. But Goldberg handled his role with finesse, creating a sense of mystery and myth about the band that still is one of the most talked about rock groups in the world to this day.

Being the same age as Danny Goldberg when he first became Led Zeppelin’s PR man, and in the early stages of my own exciting career in PR, I can only hope to show some of the same flair when taking on a tough gig and be able to tell amazing stories to people about my clients.

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