Kim Larochelle

My name is Kim Larochelle. I decided a few years ago (in 2003) after an undergraduate degree in PR to travel as far as I could to do postgraduate studies in international communication. Coming from French-speaking Quebec in Canada, Australia was right about the opposite of the globe and ended up being a fantastic destination.

Kim 4WDing in WA

Kim 4WDing in WA

As part of my degree, I researched the Canadian Government’s communication strategies in Australia, which led me to creating great connections at the Canadian Consulate General in Sydney where I also had the opportunity to work.

In April 2006, I came to DRPR and have loved pretty much every minute of it since. I love a good challenge and working in public relations with a wide range of clients and priorities and a great deal of new developments gives me exactly the kick I’m after. I’m also always keen to lead a project, a team, an idea or whatever falls into my lap and I get to do exactly that on a daily basis at DRPR.

Outside of work, I enjoy the squeaking noise of basketball shoes on the court and to that effect I use twice a week my height of six feet to my advantage. I also love running through streets, parks and reserves, training for the next race coming my way. But the thing that really brings me back to my roots and makes me feel completely alive is when I get to experience the outdoors whether it be through bush walking, running, travelling or camping.

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