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Where has our privacy gone????


I’m quite perplexed about the media coverage relating the supposed ‘fake’ passports of three Australians and many others that have been associated with a recent assassination.

I’m not confused about how passport forgeries have been used or indeed how three innocent people have reportedly had their identities ‘stolen’. What perplexes me is that many media outlets have published all the other details. 

Apparently the three Australians whose identities were stolen are not those pictured in the newspapers and in other media but the other details are correct. So the poor individuals have just had all other details printed like their full names, More >


The Year of the Tiger


I overheard two business colleagues speaking late last year in a networking session. The first one said across the table “It’s the year of the tiger next year, isn’t it?”. The second one who happens to be of Chinese descent agreed and from that moment onwards I knew 2010 was going to be a great year.

If you’ve looked at the DRPR website you’ll notice that it features a tiger and although it started out as a design element, over time we’ve adopted it as our mascot. Hence I was extremely excited when I found out that we are about to More >


Global Financial Crisis see you later. We’ve turned the corner!


Now I’m not going to claim the credit. That would be too brazen. I wrote a blog about a month ago asserting that we hadn’t actually had a financial crisis in Australia at all. Not long after that I was joined by some very high profile commentators and politicians saying pretty much the same thing.

Regardless of what it is that we’ve been through, I am very thankful that we’ve turned the corner and now all the financial talk is about upturn not downturn.

Certainly the PR business for us seems to have turned the corner. We had a few really bad More >