Dennis Rutzou

Media releases

Media releases have authority?

The Whitehaven Coal hoax perpetrated by an apparent ANZ media release raises some very interesting issues.

One is the ready acceptance by most of the media outlets of the authority of a media release which appeared to be on an ANZ letterhead. So much so, that according to the Fairfax Media report in the Sydney Morning Herald, they were the only ones to call to secure verification of the release.

Clearly there is a backlash in the wind, either with the perpetrator facing prosecution for disseminating false and misleading information to the market, or those who lost money seeking compensation.

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Campanies need more courage

Companies with courage?


We’re looking for companies with courage. Not ones with timid managers who think the world is going to end next week, but ones with faith in their business, a belief that their products are the best they can be and confidence in the future.

Clearly as good managers they must be cautious and careful in what they do, have a clear vision of where they want to get to and plan accordingly.

Despite the sentiments of the Federal Member for Lilley, the Australian economy is not in great shape and business is going through a very difficult time and many are suffering.

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Spin Spin Spin

Spin doctors – the term makes my skin creep

 Do you remember when you were a kid and you saw a horror movie, or were read a bedtime story that really upset you, well that’s what the term ‘spin doctors’ does for me. It makes my skin creep.

I’ve always had the strong view that public relations is founded on the presumption that communication should be based on truth, honesty and the dissemination of factual information.

Spin doctoring is the opposite of this. Distortion, lies and misinformation is the mantra.

The current Federal Government scenario seems to have started the ‘spin doctoring’ Olympics as each side tries to out jump, out run and out More >