Jo Gitsham


Is Twitter today’s networking?


Is Twitter today’s networking? Someone commented to me recently that, “Twitter is today’s networking” and that “marketing activities are now moving online”. To some extent I agree.

HOWEVER, even though it can be confronting putting yourself out there in person, networking is still a relevant and powerful tool for establishing business relationships and even one or two business leads.

I’m pretty active on Twitter and I love the sharing of content it offers, particularly industry blogs, so as a broadcast mechanism it works wonders. But what can it do for your business relationships?

I must admit, Twitter has broadened the media/PR/marketing industry for More >

Is it advertising or is it PR?

The Cannes Lions annual advertising festival, which was held recently, promotes itself as ‘the world’s only truly global meeting place for professionals in the communications industry’.

What I want to know is when did advertising and communications come to mean the same thing? Which is what I assume they mean as the event is branded as an advertising festival not a communications festival.

I fully understand that the history of the event started with advertisers, but since then it has broadened and now even includes an award for…. gasp…. public relations. I can’t help but feel sorry for the PR category as seems More >