Nicola Rutzou


My take on internal communication

My interest in internal communication started when I worked within a couple of large organisations, namely Woolworths then Integral Energy. The roles I had were external communication focused and therefore I had no responsibility for internal comms and could be just an observer.

To me internal communication is about engaging your people, not just about telling them what’s going on. Nobody is going to be fully engaged or productive if they don’t feel like they play a part in the overall organisation. You can have the best employee communication system ever but if your employees aren’t engaged then it’s a complete More >


Let’s look forward to a great 2013

I attended a business women’s lunch about a month ago and was totally aghast when one woman declared that her company (a legal firm) was in the process of planning for a terrible 2013. They had apparently predicted that 2013 was going to be a shocker and so all their planning needed to focus on ‘gloom and doom’.

I was appalled. In all the training I’ve ever done on business planning I’ve always focused on the positives. I don’t mean that I view the world through ‘rose coloured glasses’. In fact I’m also a realist but I do think you have to focus More >