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Small business September

Helpful resources for developing services for small businesses

There seem to be a day, week, month or year for every celebration… And at the moment in NSW, it happens to be Small Business September, an initiative by NSW Industry & Investment.

September - Small Business Month

Small Business September made me reflect on the professional services industry and the huge opportunities that exist in providing adequate services to small businesses. The maths is quite straightforward: there are about 650,000 small businesses in NSW alone and micro business (one with four people or less) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the state’s economy.

So why have small businesses been traditionally More >

What’s in a blog?

In my experience in the communications industry, a quick Google of communications related blogs and voila, you are overwhelmed with lists! Lists of top ten tips, top twenty time saving techniques, three points to writing the perfect blog/media release/article, top ten hated things people blog about, top ten ways to get the media’s attention. What’s with all the lists people?

So what’s in a blog?

Is it about what you’re saying or how you’re saying it? Obviously it’s both, however some people feel they need to stick staunchly to the realms of the unsaid ‘blog code of conduct’. But there are no More >


All talk and no action!

So today I gained a true appreciation for my role as, wait for it…. Blog Champion! Often when I say those words a little trumpet fanfare plays in my head, and I feel like I have a duty to serve and protect the DRPR blog, but not today. Maybe it’s the dreary weather but my focus strayed from our company blog and I realised all too late that I had in fact neglected to organise this week’s post!

Now, I’m sure this is a common scenario when it comes to business blogs. Deadlines, heavy workloads and perhaps even after-work drinks often More >