Educating and communicating key messages

My Public Relations skill set will serve me well

After six years in Public Relations, I have sadly decided to leave the industry that has taught me so much, in pursuit of a completely different career path… but one that I have come to realise, actually requires an almost identical skill set. What could it be?

Educating and communicating key messages

  • Communication is paramount
  • Flexibility in terms of language, tone and medium of communication used
  • Educating and communicating key messages to the public
  • Understanding the industry and audience you are working with and adapting your approach accordingly
  • Creative communication techniques to increase engagement and understanding
  • Patience. Set the foundations and the results will follow in time
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Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb – an honest insight into media ethics

I went to see Annabel Crabb, political commentator,  speak last Tuesday night at Newington College in Stanmore. She was the last speaker in a series of talks that are part of the Ethics Centre that is run through the college.

Her topic was, ‘Media and ethics in a hyperconnected world’. Whilst many of Crabb’s observations about the changing mediascape weren’t groundbreaking for anyone who consumes Australian media on a regular basis, they were insightful in the sense that she could offer some great anecdotes from the course of her career, whilst highlighting the contrast between past and present ethical dilemmas.

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Campanies need more courage

Companies with courage?


We’re looking for companies with courage. Not ones with timid managers who think the world is going to end next week, but ones with faith in their business, a belief that their products are the best they can be and confidence in the future.

Clearly as good managers they must be cautious and careful in what they do, have a clear vision of where they want to get to and plan accordingly.

Despite the sentiments of the Federal Member for Lilley, the Australian economy is not in great shape and business is going through a very difficult time and many are suffering.

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