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Continuous improvement

'If you're not going forward, you're going backwards'

There is no such thing as being stagnant in business. The moment you think you're doing everything just as it should be done and all you need to do is keep sailing with the wind in your back, you're asking for your ship to sink.

In business, processes need to be constantly reviewed, strategies need to be discussed, opinions need to be shared, decisions need to be questioned. Working on the business should be a manager's priority. That is, if you really want to bring your business from good to great.
Continuous Improvement

The concept applies to small and medium organisations just like multi-nationals. Where the role of looking after continuous improvement can be delegated to only one person in a smaller organisation, large businesses may require assigning the responsibility to one person per department (HR, finance, sales & marketing, R&D and so on) to ensure improvements are achieved throughout the company.

As a general rule, the more employees are engaged in the process of continuous improvement, the more successful it will be.

The DRPR experience

At DRPR, I'm the Continuous Improvement Leader. We constantly review the way we do things and I have a systematic process in place that ensures good ideas get implemented. At times, it's only a small idea that makes a colleague's work just that little bit more enjoyable. Other times, it's a bombshell that opens up new markets for business. Either way, even the smaller step is one in the right direction. Continuous improvement has truly become part of our day-to-day discussions and of our culture.

Continuous improvement is how a business will find new products, services or new markets. It is also how it will motivate staff, improve their productivity and get them concerned about the wellbeing of the organisation. In other words, it is how a business will grow inwards and outwards.

How do I implement a continuous improvement process?

Here are a few tips to start implementing your own continuous improvement process in-house:

  1. Assign the role of looking at the continuous improvement process to someone - if no one takes charge, ideas won't get implemented
  2. Explain to all staff the importance of continuous improvement and how you will be implementing the process
  3. Include 'continuous improvement' as a topic in your staff meetings
  4. Seek your team's input - ask them what changes they would like to see and organise a suggestion box or any other means of communicating ideas that works for your team
  5. Keep a lodgement of all ideas, projects and their development
  6. Get the team involved - assign the implementation of ideas to team members, seeking their approval first
  7. Stay on track - give deadlines for projects to be implemented to ensure they don't get pushed down the list of priorities
  8. Report on the team's ideas, how they were implemented, how they've benefited the business
  9. Get excited - celebrate good and great ideas, encourage and congratulate your team and remember, there is no bad idea
  10. Stay open-minded and start thinking outside the box!

As part of your continuous improvement process, you may find that your organisation lacks public awareness, your online visibility is low or the media doesn't talk about your great story. If so, public relations may just happen to be the improvement process you need to help boost your business.

To find out how public relations can help improve your business, give us a call on (02) 9413 4244.

Or if you'd like to have a casual chat about the continuous improvement process in your business, it's a topic I'm always happy to discuss. So don't hesitate to call.