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Become a trend-setter by staying on top of current trends

New trends are always popping up in all industries, leading to the evolvement of practices. So how do you stay on top of all these changes in order to remain current? It often feels like information overload, or just a little too hard to try to keep up.

As PR professionals, or anyone trying to promote their brand, business or themselves, you need to remain at the forefront of current trends if you want to stay relevant and have a voice that stands out, in what DRPR like to refer to, as 'the corporate jungle'.
Current Trends

So here are a few helpful hints to keep you on top of the trends:

1. Subscribe to PR e-mailed newsletters
There is a lot of insightful content in PR newsletters if you take the time to read them. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly it is worth putting some time aside to gain some more industry knowledge. (If you're reading this, then that's a great start!)

2. Read PR blogs
There are hundreds of blogs about public relations. In actual fact DRPR was recently listed as one of the best blogs in the PR industry, so have a quick look at ours before you delve into the blogosphere.

3. Follow industry professionals on Twitter
With Twitter being so new, people often wonder where to start. Try following some PR practitioners, journalists, key contacts and of course your clients and their customers. Tweets from industry professionals tend to be full of useful or interesting information that's relevant to others in the industry. It's a great way to keep in the loop and involves minimal input, and just a little maintenance.

4. Attend as many networking events and training seminars as possible
Meeting like minded people and others in the industry is a great way to gain new ideas and inspiration through general chit chat. There are also a plethora of (sometimes free) seminars and conferences out there. So head to a quick breakfast seminar or networking event for a few hours every week and you'll reap the rewards of being 'in the know'.

5. Keep abreast of current events
Being in PR we need to have a very broad focus. It is vital to be informed of news and current events. Listen to radio broadcasts, check online news sites, and watch the occasional morning show or current affairs program to make sure you are aware of the context of current issues and news stories and events. This helps when identifying news angles, general knowledge and understanding your target audiences also.

Stay on top of current trends with these helpful hints, and who knows, you might just end up being one of the trend-setters!