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PR for industry bodies - Get a voice

One of the aims of a comprehensive public relations program is to position a client as a credible and knowledgeable spokesperson who can deliver good media interviews and express their views on their industry.

The opportunity to present opinions on particular topics should not to be missed particularly by industry bodies. As they represent a group of organisations and are often not-for-profit, industry bodies have the opportunity to speak on behalf of their whole industry to ensure unified and accurate information is communicated to the market.
Industry Bodies PR

DRPR has worked with numerous industry organisations over the years including the Buy Recycled Business Alliance, the Australian Olive Association and the Almond Board of Australia, among others.

In all instances, the PR program helped to give a voice to the organisation and build important relationships with key journalists in their industry.

One way of describing the benefit of building a media relationship is that if a journalist is writing a story about the areas of expertise of the industry body, or in which it could become involved and does not have them top of mind, they will not call and ask for information or include a reference in the story.

Face-to-face meetings with journalists can often be a fantastic way to start building great relationships that will benefit both journalists and organisations.

Although a PR program for an industry body would typically focus on media relations & coverage, online public relations can be another very cost-effective means to reach the organisations’ members and/or customers. Strategic partnerships and government communication are other public relations tools that can assist industry organisations in getting their message across to important regulators.

Because industry organisations often have a restricted marketing budget, what’s most important in developing a PR program for them is to review all possible activities that will give them the bigger bang for their buck.

For more information on how to develop and implement a successful PR program for industry bodies, contact us.