Public Relations Company

Public Relations Company  

Investor and finance communication

DRPR can provide extensive input in the area of investor and finance communication. Typically businesses should be looking to earn the long term trust of their investors and financial stakeholders by communicating relevant information on an ongoing basis. For a public company, this means implementing the right communications approach to contribute to a sustainable share market performance.

Our service is also ideal for companies undertaking an Initial Public Offering, or a merger or acquisition. As DRPR understands the sensitivity and legal implications of these announcements, we partner with our clients as a valuable member of their team and have a strong track record in dealing with legal and financial advisors.

Our service can include:

Public Relations Developing core messages
Public Relations Communicating results, announcements and company changes to the media
Public Relations Contribution to Prospectus'
Public Relations Contribution to annual reports
Public Relations Contribution to road shows
Public Relations Direct communication with stakeholders through letters, brochures, and other publications