Public Relations Company

Public Relations Company  


Communication is inevitably a two way process, and research can be utilised to guide campaigns, inform clients about the attitudes and behaviours of their stakeholders, and evaluate the impact of campaigns.

DRPR can apply research in a number of ways, such as:

Public Relations Using existing databases to survey stakeholders
Public Relations Using existing databases to develop data for news stories called news catalyst research
Public Relations Developing formal and informal means of collecting feedback from journalists, customers and other stakeholders with whom we have contact with on behalf of our clients.
Public Relations Working with external polling companies to gather data for market research or news catalyst purposes
Public Relations Working with experts to conduct focus groups or other forms of research to better understand stakeholder attitudes and behaviours.

As well as conducting research for the purpose of developing news angles, DRPR is involved in everyday research from looking up government regulations relevant to the client to researching industry awards for entering client products and services.