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Public Relations Company  

Strategic partnerships

One of the key elements of public relations is its unparalleled capacity to build relationships with stakeholders, and this can be carried through to the development of strategic alliances - where two organisations are brought together to work on a campaign or task to bring about a mutual outcome.

As communication experts, DRPR can utilise a wide range of techniques to identify, initiate and service strategic partnerships. We often consult clients on the value that should be sought from such a partnership, and through other public relations techniques, DRPR can bring additional value to the alliance.

Sponsorship can be one element of a strategic partnership, which is also an area that DRPR can manage for clients, particularly to evaluate offers, extract maximum benefit from the sponsorship and manage the expectations of both parties.

When undertaking research about potential strategic partnerships, DRPR considers how the proposed activities fit into the wider public relations program to ensure that there is a consistency and integration of all communication tactics.